• Dasin - Professional Manufacturer of Food Machinery

    Dasin have more than 40 years production experience. We create our own brand and motivate ourselves by the spirit of higher quality, better service, and latest innovation. We retain a continuous innovation attitude and guarantee a reliable quality for a sustainable development.

    Professional Manufacturer

    Build the best manufacture team, take advantage of professional precision processing technology in Taiwan.

    Excellent Research & Development Team

    Design products based on customer experience to meet customer needs.

    Specialized Customer Service

    Maintain timely and effective communication with customer, provide specialized technical support.

    Hot Product

    Automatic Instant Heating Tea Brewer Hot

    Automatic Instant Heating Tea Brewer

    Intelligent interface, stirring apparatus to unfold tea leaves completely and release more tea fragrance, automatic sleep design for energy saving, less limescale.

    Commercial Slicer Hot

    Commercial Slicer

    Molybdenum vanadium stainless steel blade made in Germany, neat slices without extra juice, 3 seconds to slice one lemon, thickness of slices can be adjusted.

    Tapioca Pearls Machine Hot

    Tapioca Pearls Machine

    Commercial use, standard recipe, small machine with high capacity, safe design with emergency stop button and automatic power off system.

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